Wednesday, January 26, 2011

busy me today...

I have to make this post short today for two reasons. First cause I really had a mundane day where not much exciting went on. Second because its 10:39 pm as I'm writing this and I just walked in the door at 10:10pm, for the first time since I left this morning at 6:30am, and I'm reallly really tired. 

I woke up about a half hour early this morning to make breakfast. I normally eat a bowl of cereal or grab a yogurt and banana as I'm walking out the door. But this morning I thought maybe it would be nice to start the day with something hot. So I got up made fresh coffee (yum) and made oatmeal.. I mean the kind that you cook on the stove constantly having to stir. I added vanilla,  brown sugar, and sliced  almonds to it and I have to say it was so good. I should wake up every day and do that. I then web surfed and caught a few hours of the morning news before grabbing a yogurt and heading to work.

Work went by fine. We had crazy cat come in that had been constipated for such a long time, that its poor colon was so distended a child's whole hand could fit up in it. I know I know that's so gross, I'm sorry, but imagine how this cat felt. My doctor had to manually extract poop out of this cats butt using a ton of lube and water to help soften it. It was an all day process but by the end we were able to get this cat to take the most giant shit I have ever seen. It was like a huge gigantic large dog size pile. It was pretty impressive, super disgusting, but impressive. And It has to make this poor kitty feel a ton better. Its times like this when you are hand deep inside a cats ass covered in shit literally that your realize how "crappy" our job really can be! Ha Ha that was kinda punny, sorry couldn't resist.

After work I went to a meeting/lecture with the vets and another nurse at my clinic,  all about chronic renal disease. It was really informative, and I think I might have found something else to add to my cats treatments now that she is feeling a bit better.  It was 9 when that got out, so I thought that maybe I should start off my gym membership right and get in a work out before heading home. I stopped by the crappy gym next to my house and whipped out a quick 35  minute cardio workout. It was enjoyable, but now I am all amped up on the endorphins instead of being all sleepy, even thought I am really exhausted. Did that make sense?

I finally got home at 10:10, oh yeah I mentioned that already. First things I have to do is start the 25 minute ritual of feeding all my pets. So Max got all her meds and shoved into the bathroom to eat her special food, then the other two cats get their food, then I had to feed the dog, then cut up some squash for the aquatic turtles, then make a squash salad mixture for the tortoises. Finally at 10:40pm I was able to sit down and type this out for you all to enjoy. Now at 11:15pm I am going to say good night and head to bed.  Tomorrow will be a great day I think. I'm going to try to wake up early to make some more yummy oatmeal to start if off right. Well see what happens at 5:30 in the morning though.

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