Monday, August 4, 2014

Failing Math

I am officially failing math. I am not surprised but at the same time I try not to use this failure as a marker for the rest of my life decisions ahead. See I am failing math but I’m also working my ass off for it and sadly this work is still resulting in a failing grade. It’s annoying because we live in the world where we place so much value in grades and tests and we directly relate that to success.  The old saying that we are all told growing up is  that hard work pays off,  this is what we are told  practically every day  in every grade, the teacher gives some speech about how the more you work the better your will do in  the class. How if you get good grades you will get a good job. How if you study hard you will do well on a test. It’s really all you hear. What I really wish we talked about more is what happens when you work your ass off and cant no matter what you do succeed, and  what I mean by succeed is actually get a good grade. Cause honestly this I feel happens more often than not; and really as someone going through it firsthand, I feel it’s so important to try to break away from the equation of success=good grade and instead really have it be effort=success. regardless of the grade. Because honestly I am still a freaking success even if I fail because I am working my ass off. And even if society won’t acknowledge this, I will because honestly someone has to and it might as well be me. So yeah I am failing math. I might not pass the class and what I am trying my very hardest to do is realize that math isn’t something that comes easy for me... No screw that… I’m not making apologies for failing math because I working my ass off and really that means so much more and the reasons for failing should overshadow my huge amount of effort. So I'm not going to allow it to anymore.  So yeah I’m kind of proud of my possible failure and I think I everyone else should be too.  cause whatever happens I know that I am working so hard and that counts for so much more then any grade every would.