Sunday, February 20, 2011

Last night

I had a rough night last night. It’s always a bad sign when you end your day bleeding all over the dining room.  Today I am waking up with a refreshed mind and body and vowing to have a better day then yesterday. Here is what happened… I have been super busy lately, and so I didn’t even get home for the first time until 8 pm oh and I left the house at 6am that morning. When you haven’t been home for more then 14 hours and your super tired, hungry and it’s your Friday; all you want to do is make some dinner and relax. But see last night one thing I had to do right away was make a new fish tank for my fish. I noticed the night before that the old tank had started to leak slowly from the bottom, so today after work I got them a new tank to move em into. 

I’ll admit that I was probably hurrying along with this project because I was tired and wanted to get all my stuff finished so I could go relax. At some point the light fixture cord got wrapped up in the filter cord and the light fixture started to fall. I didn’t want that to drop and break so I reached for it and none the less put my bare foot directly through the glass part of lid. It was a super dumb and careless move which could have been avoided by me just paying attention and maybe taking a little bit ore time to do this project. So now instead of relaxing, I fall down hard on my shoulder and proceed to bleed all over the dining room carpet from a huge wound on my foot…

Ok so I am not a baby about pain. I figure that because I have had all these random injuries I have become tough.  But this is  really painful and honestly the amount of blood is starting to freak me out. I can’t seem to even be able to see where the cut is on my foot because it’s on the bottom and blood is squirting out all over the place. I hop my way into the kitchen knowing that the linoleum floor will be better to collect my blood then the carpet I have already ruined. I start to call people, of course the one time I actually need my housemate Mike to be here he isn’t. Who knows where he is and when he’ll be back, and since he doesn’t have a phone or email, contacting him is out of the question.  I call my friends who are close, and I get a ton of voice mails. I call the neighbor of my parents, I get her voice-mail. I call my parents in a panic and I get a machine for one and the other answers but the connection is so bad I can’t get her to understand what I need. I need them to give me people’s home numbers because everyone cell is just going right to voice mail.  At this point the blood is pretty bad and I am defiantly thinking that I might need a hospital visit.

Finally I get hold of someone and she tells me that she would be happy to come down and take me to the hospital. She is about 20 minutes away so I say I’ll try one more person who is a little closer first and then call her back. I try this one other person and lucky she is also home and willing to come over saying she’s one her way. Now that I know someone is able to come over and help me I feel this flood of relief.  I finally am calm enough to start to assess the wound. Once I start to clean it up I can see that I have a fairly log cut right along the ball of my foot. It has slowed down with the bleeding so I figure I’ll wrap it up good and hobble into the shower to clean it up well. Afterward I can see that a visit to the hospital won’t be necessary so I call back my friends and tell them thanks so much but you don’t need to rush over anymore. I put my shoes and socks back on and painfully finished doing what I needed to do in the first place, and that was give my fish a new tank. It takes about 30 minutes for me to get that complete. I then take about another half hour to scrub the carpets of my blood and vacuum the floors to make sure all the pieces of glass are gone.  Then I take about a half hour to do the normal feeding rituals for my pets that all need to get fed and taken care of. Then an hour and a half after cutting my foot I am finally able to t this point I pretty much just crash out for the night.

Today I am able to walk around with just minimal pain. I have a bit of a limp and my shoulder hurts when I touch it, but other wise I’m fine. I’m glad about that because I have a very busy day and will have to be on my feet all day today regardless of weather it hurts or not, I figure that I’ll take a few aspirins and be fine.  This is the downside of living alone, when something does happen and you really do need someone to help ya out, its harder to find that someone to do it. Last night made me feel kind of lonely.  But like I said earlier today I am starting out with a renewed mind and body. So screw those feeling that won’t get me anything good.  Today I am going to have a great day, do great things and just be great.

Update.... I did end up heading the the ER the next day and everything checked out OK. I managed to take a few photos of my sad little inch long gash causing me all this trouble.

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  1. The cut looks nasty! Hope it heals Ok!