Thursday, February 17, 2011

26 super random things about me.

I hope you enjoy learning a few quirky little tidbits of me some I have mentioned some I have not.

1. The aquarium is my favorite pace in the entire world and I would love make it my life long goal to visit every one in the world before I die. But I wish I could spend the rest of my life on the beach. I think that if I were on the beach I would never have the urge to leave.

2. I bite my nails and always have since I was little even thought I hate it and wish I could stop. I don’t even realize I’m doing it until it’s too late.

3. I have visited more places in the first 15 years of my life then in the last 15 years of my life.

4. I am deathly afraid of slugs. I mean deathly

5. I hate the month of October… And if I could I would have it just erased from the calendar.

6. I wish my super power was to be able to push people off the planet.

7. I miss seeing the night sky be dark. Because where I am right now it never gets dark it kind hovers around a weird orange, brownish, gray color.

8. I am more afraid of living then I am of dying.

9. I have 17 pets… Oh my god I have 17 pets!!! OK so like 4 of them are fish but still that’s a ton…

10. I couldn’t imagine my live being even half as full with out my 17 pets.

11. I love seeing animals out in nature. Especially when you come across them totally by accident. It is the true testament to how great our world is seeing things in the most raw and natural form.

12. I have a bad problem with finding things in food that are not supposed to be there. I have found everything from: Small more common things like hair, rocks, and rubber bands. To extreme things like rubber gloves, condoms (so yuck), even a car key with remote clicker in a taco.

13. At least once a day someone speaks to me in Spanish. Even thought I am half black you would never know by looking at me so I am commonly mistaken as Hispanic.  i think the name Martha doesn't help with the being Latina either.

14. I wish I knew Spanish. So when people spoke to me in it, I could have a clue what they are saying.

14 1/2. My eyeball hurts. I have something in my eye as I'm writing this. unfortunately this is a common and frequent occurrence.

15. I hate shopping for shoes. I have size 11 wide feet and even if I see something cute it never fits, and the stuff that fits is never cute.

16. I am addicted to The People’s Court. I have been for the last ten plus years. I freak out when I can’t watch it, so I started to record it so I would never miss a show. I have not missed one in the last five years. And I have hours and hours of recorded episodes.

17. I have have now twice in my life invited a homeless guy to move in my house with me. The first time went badly this time not so much. 

18. I am 32 and I have only had two real boyfriends. But I have lots and lots of people who never made it passed dating.

19. I still miss my father everyday. Even thought he has been dead longer then he was alive during my life.

20. I once worked 13 days in a row had one day off, worked 10 more in a row, had one more day
off, and worked 7 more days straight. Let me tell ya my paycheck rocked that month.

21. I hate pudding.. But its just because of the texture. Its a weird between where I either want it to be more like custard or yogurt . Just not the weird between soft and firm pudding mush.

22. I call my mom everyday just to talk. I tell her everything all the good, bad, and in between.

23, I can’t eat Popsicles. It’s something about the texture that freaks me out. I don’t know why but once it get in my mouth its a bad thing.

24. I love eating sushi. I wish I could eat it 24/7 for the rest of my life.

25. My favorite animal is the crocodile followed very closely by the alligator. I don’t know why but I just find something so cute about them.

26. I fall down a lot. I am pretty much a walking disaster. I trip, stumble, and drop things at least daily. But most days it like every time I go out something happens.

OK so yes I realize this was a little bit of weird post. I just am finding that with the millions of other things going on in my life; Its hard to always find the time, much less have things to write about. So from now on I am  just going to write when ever I find the time and about whatever ideas come to me, regardless of the day of the week or how long its been between posts. I am really happy with how this blog has turned out and I am so thankful for everyone who reads it. I think that this will just help make it evolve even better.

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  1. Most of this I already knew about you but I got a chucle( god) I cant spell, thats one of the things about me ! anyway I agree that you should write when the inspration moves you! Love ya!