Wednesday, February 9, 2011

the ebb and flow of my work

There is an ebb and a flow to what my job is. Some months are better then others. Sometime people do really horrible unimaginable things that you couldn’t dream of. But then there are other times when people shock you by going above and beyond for something without much cause. Sometimes it super clear right from the start of a case which direction it’s going to head. Will this owner do the unthinkable and save there pet at any cost or will they consider it unimportant and not even try. I have been in the vet world for almost 10 years now, but I have loved animals long before that. I always thought that someday I would open a shelter.  But the more I get into this field; I find that I would never want to have an animal’s life be decided by a budget or profit like so many rescues now days have to. 

The secret to being successful in my job is finding the balance between good and bad cases,  but in reality those numbers never really add up equally. A lot of the time you have to take just one good case to make up for 6 or 7 bad ones. It can get very tiring and emotionally draining. Its part of the job that I both love and hate. You try your hardest not to judge someone. You say to yourself that you would never let that happen to your animal if it was yours, but sometimes people just can’t do what they want to and have to make crappy decisions. And for that you can’t really hate them.

 But what is despicable is when people flat out refuse to care even when they know that it’s cruel to not try.  When they do nothing knowing that the pet will die without some sort of intervention and instead they make it suffer long and painfully until all you hope for is that the pet dies quickly. I have had a few times where all you can do is hope that the animal is lucky enough to die fast. It’s such a wrong thing to be feeling, because when you get into this field you pledge to help not harm things.

 I have a story I’m going to tease about a great dog named Rocky. He was the first case I really truly cried about and remembering this case is what makes me as good at my job as I am. He is what has taught me about finding this balance, and not being judgmental, and remembering that all people are human and have the right to make mistakes and learn from them.  He has also shown me that sometimes really shitty things have to happen to get really awesome results, is that unfair? Yes but unfortunately it happens a lot I think.  . So yeah… that story will be tomorrow. For tonight I just am going to remember how lucky I have been to have mostly healthy pets. The few that have not been I have been lucky that I have great doctors and co-workers who have given me free advice and care and time and anything else I need to make sure I am able to everything in my power for my animals. For this I am grateful.

all three cats eating their  food.

Max, Spooky,  and Clapton enjoying a afternoon nap

Bandit and Morgan before Bandit got put down. Best Buds

Although she misses Bandit, I doubt she's too unhappy by her self.

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