Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Another of my absences

I am sorry that these last few weeks I have not had a lot of posts on here. I have been very very busy and house sitting a ton for like a million different people.  As I have mentioned before on this blog I recently changed jobs. I went from spending the last three years happily working my day shift with the same days off week after week after week. To suddenly working these crazy overnight and ever changing days off shifts that totally threw me for a loop. I mean I knew that going into my new job what the schedule expectations were, so that’s not what the shock was. It was trying to get my body to be on the same page.

I wasn’t able to sleep during the day for more then like 2 hours for the first two weeks. I rarely felt tired even thought I should have considering the lack of sleep I was getting. I continued to just head straight to my various volunteer activities after working my butt off like planned, and never really felt a ton of repercussions about the fact that I should have felt so worn out.  I also got asked my a million people to house sit this summer so I spend a hefty part of my days driving around. This last weekend for example I was watching over four different houses. I am certainly not complaining but I will say that maybe when I said yes to it I didn’t fully understand how after working 11 hours I shouldn’t then spend another 2 driving around to take care of peoples pets. My poor pets themselves are feeling loss of me being around and I feel bad for my lack of attention, but I know I will make it up to them soon. After the first month I was like “This is awesome!  If this is how doing overnights will be then I got this night shift thing figured out and its going to be rad”

Well I guess that a month was about as long as it took my body to catch up cause these last few weeks I have suddenly fallen into a system where I’m exhausted as soon as I get off. I dread going to my volunteer activities because they are preventing me from sleeping, which is all I seem to want to do once my work night is over. I am suddenly very acutely aware about the fact that I have taken so many things on in my life and worried all of the sudden that I really I’m stupid for stretching myself out so thin.  It’s weird though that even with all of this I’m finding it very comforting that I am finding a normal routine again and that I am adjusted to what I have chosen to be my new life. I hope that in the next few weeks I will be back to finding the time and energy to post a bunch of awesome stuff here again, but for now you’ll have to just forgive my lack of doing so.  This is life and what it does to you; sometime you have to take a little break to get back on the right page again.

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