Monday, January 14, 2013

Did you know I went to Jamaica?

So this was written when I first got to the hotel I had a few hours to kill before I got to check into the room. I have a couple of posts  that I wrote while on  this vacation.  I  always meant to post them officially but never got around to it. Hopefully you can still see how amazing this vacation was for me even four months later.

Jamaica day 1 (written on September 17th 2012)

It’s been a long time since I have written anything. I don’t know if I just got so busy that I lost my steam or if I just felt that it wasn’t as rewarding as it used to be. I have had a ton of really cool stuff and some not so cool stuff happen to me in this period of absence so it not that I haven’t had things to write about. My mom asked why I was bringing my laptop to Jamaica with me because she though it seemed like just something heavy to lug around and asking for it to be stolen. I mean why take the risk. I told her that the main reason was that I wanted to be able to blog about my time  here and maybe f I am able to pick up some steam on this vacation I’ll be able to get back to a really nice place where I can write about the everyday parts of my life.

So yeah anyways I’m in Jamaica. I arrived this afternoon and it is a super amazing place. My hotel looks over this cove and the ocean and its all blue and turquoise. It’s exactly what the picture on the Internet showed. As we were landing in Montego Bay I’ll admit I had a tear in my eye maybe even more then one. It  wasn’t that I was sad or anything but the exact opposite. I was so proud of myself for being here and doing this.  When I went to Guatemala it was partly a gift from my aunt. She had paid for the airfare and I remember my mom gave me 500 dollars and a present right before I left. Between the two of them I was able to have a really great trip but part of me always felt that it wasn’t the vacation I would have picked.  It was more that I couldn’t say no cause they were doing these amazing things for me. I know more then one person said that they wouldn't have gone alone. but here i am alone in a foreign country that I knew nothing about before a few months ago and even still know very little. How freaking awesome am I.

So fast forward to now. Here I am in a country I know nothing about. I found a hotel on the Internet and it looked beautiful.  So I booked this 9 night trip and paid for it all  by myself .I should mention that I paid for it by working my ass off. And from what I can tell in the short time I have been here this is a close to a dream vacation as I could ask for. Beach… miles of it full of fish and turtles and dolphins and all these other creatures I dream about seeing. And people who as so nice and friendly and laid back just as I am. And its all paid for already but I also have a whole other set of money to just decided to use later if I want or not.  I have food taken care of. Drinks yeah those all included too. And trust me that first rum drink I had while sitting on the beach was magical, and I’m not even a huge drinker, well not yet but ask me again in 9   It’s like they plucked this place out of my dreams and made it my reality.  For someone who doesn’t get to travel much its exciting beyond you could ever imagine.

So that’s where I’m at. I have no agenda but I figure in the next 9 days I’ll have explored a ton of this place.  I already love the people here because like I said they share my views towards life, they are laid back go with the flow and all about relaxing.  My goal is to try to come out of my shell a little. Maybe talk to people and try to make a friend or two but at least join in with other people.  For someone who considers herself socially retarded that’s a scary though but whatever maybe the vacation Martha will be super social. But for today I have to go get some of that said free already paid for food,  cause I’m starving then I’m going to sit out on the beach  and watch the sun set. Pretty awesome way to end a whole night of travel and  I couldn’t ask for anything better.

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