Monday, April 25, 2011

I miss my dog

Its weird like some days I'll just be sitting here and suddenly like a huge wave I miss my little dog Bandit. I mean its been almost two years since I have put him to sleep, but I still get hit with these moments of grief. He was really the perfect dog, well almost, he was kinda a shit honestly, but none the less defiantly one of a kind all the way.  I have been trying to get my computer cleared out a little so that I will have some space for my vacation pictures to get stored and I came across this that I must have written a few days after I put him down. I thought I would share it here.  I haven't been around very much lately because I have been house sitting at a families house out in Queen Ann with no internet connection so that's why I have had such a delay in my posts recently. I feeling very displaced with out having my house to come back to and hang out in. Anyways enjoy.

My ode to the best dog in the world.

You may have been skin and bones but you had the biggest heart in the world… And apparently stomach.

I wont miss having to chase your around the street until I am so frustrated that I am cursing you to the heavens and wishing you the best of luck at your new home.

I will miss hearing your tags jingle as you walk around the house. Because now you have to wear your leash 24/7

I won’t miss all the puking especially when it a abnormally large amounts of acorns

I will miss having to pry some sort of dead bird or frozen squirrel out of your locked growling jaws in the middle of the street. As someone is staring at me in such a comical fashion,  you can’t help but laugh.

I won’t miss having to deal with angry dog park goers, crazy neighbors and concerned animal control agents.

 I will miss the way you come and instantly want to sit on my lap and give me kisses.   Or that your favorite spot is somewhere touching me.

I won’t miss all the times I had to stop you from eating some sort of thing you pried up off the street or found on the beach or in the bushes at the park, or anywhere your ability to find something dead amazes me.

 I’ll miss the way you light up a room with you cuteness, your head tilt and your wagging tail.  Or how kids love you and you love them right back.

 I won’t miss how taking a walk mean you get to vacuum the street with your mouth, or worrying about you eating slugs at night.

I will miss coming home every day to a dog who loves me so unconditionally much. Who really has changed my life every year he’s been alive for the better.

I love you,  I miss you, and  I will always remember you forever. I hope that in heaven your able to eat all the dead shit you want. 

RIP Bandit.

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